Shopping Haul: Pune Street Shopping Haul~! ♥

Hello girls! I just came back from Pune where I completed my MBA. So it being my last time there before I start my job elsewhere, I decided to take my little sister for some street shopping which is awfully popular in Pune. We went to both the famous M.G Road and F.C Road each on different says and spent a good amount on clothes, shoes and accessories. We mostly spent the noon time there which was preposterous considering the Heat during this time. I even fell sick due to that. Anyways all the stuff we bought was pretty much awesome in terms of looks, style, quality and price. Pretty cheap I would say. Hope you guys like it! Please comment 🙂


This is one of my favourite areas for shopping. I stayed in Pune for 2 years and this was the most visited place for me. Street shopping at M.G means the stall guys selling clothes in a cardboard box. Though it may sound cheap, but the guys have so trendy clothes. I just regret not having bought any bags from there. But there is long story behind it which I pause for for the time being. All the stuff bought are at really awesome prices. These are the following stuff me and my sis bought:

1. Royal Blue Lace Neckline Top

C360_2015-04-14-19-09-20-131 C360_2015-04-14-19-09-07-256 C360_2015-04-14-19-12-33-909

PRICE – INR 250/- ($4)

2. White Lace Shrug Jacket (This one is one of my faves~!)

C360_2015-04-14-19-19-32-656C360_2015-04-14-19-19-26-005 C360_2015-04-14-19-14-59-849

PRICE – INR 250/- ($4)

3. Orange Lace Shrug Jacket

.C360_2015-04-14-19-17-19-413C360_2015-04-14-20-01-48-438 C360_2015-04-14-19-17-40-764

PRICE – INR 250/- ($4)

4. Cream Lace Shrug Jacket (This one is shorter than the white one)

C360_2015-04-14-19-11-50-132 C360_2015-04-14-19-11-43-442C360_2015-04-14-19-10-55-938

PRICE – INR 250/- ($4)

5. Black Lace Dress

C360_2015-04-14-19-13-13-331C360_2015-04-14-19-13-04-691  C360_2015-04-14-19-13-25-807

PRICE – INR 400/- ( Approx. $6)

6. Mint Green Print Top

C360_2015-04-14-20-02-45-911 C360_2015-04-14-20-02-39-248 C360_2015-04-14-20-02-09-539

PRICE – INR 250/- ($4)

7. White Pearl Neckpiece                                                               8. Grey Bead Neckpiece

C360_2015-04-14-21-56-57-403                                          C360_2015-04-14-21-55-44-463

PRICE – INR 100 Each ($ 2)


I discovered this place one day on my way to meet my friend. This place is a paradise for shopping especially footwear and accessories. It’s also a great place to hog on street food – Marathi Bhel, Paprichat, Steamed Momos, Chocolate Sandwiches and so much more! Great place to hang out on weekends but it gets really crowded at times.

1. Floral Printed Top with Zip Detailing

C360_2015-04-14-19-16-02-996 C360_2015-04-14-19-16-16-243 C360_2015-04-14-19-16-22-855

PRICE – INR 250/- ($4)

2. Animal Printed Dress in B&W

C360_2015-04-14-19-06-23-874 C360_2015-04-14-19-05-19-250 C360_2015-04-14-19-14-10-352

PRICE – INR 300/- ($5)

3. Orange & Cream Sandals + Blue Pink Flip Flops

C360_2015-04-14-20-25-13-930 C360_2015-04-14-20-23-46-166 C360_2015-04-14-20-21-56-928

PRICE – INR 200 Each ($ 3) + INR 150 ($ 2)

4. Sunglasses

4. C360_2015-04-14-22-02-27-286 C360_2015-04-14-22-01-32-869C360_2015-04-14-22-01-10-465

PRICE – INR 130/- each ($ 2)

Hope you guys liked the haul. Kindly comment below and tell us your views and feelings!


Shweta ♥


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