Shopping Haul: American Swan Accessories

I discovered this site called American Swan by accident. I was super excited because this online shopping site specializes in American Sporty Style with Apparels for men and women, Jewelry, bags, wallets etc. I browsed through the collection and found some nice items. To try it first, I ordered two things:

1. Crystal Chandelier Earrings

2. Pink Stripes Bag

At first I thought the earrings did not look that great and was really expensive, but then I realized that the price was for pair of 3 earrings; so it was a great deal! Secondly, I had not planned to buy this bag, but it seemed so perfect for the summer! I loved the pink and white stripes and it was an over sized tote and the quality seemed nice. The pictures on the website were:

Capture1 Capture

Now coming to the delivery, they shipped the products really just a day! And the delivery took place in 2 days from Gurgaon which means it was super duper fast!! The quality seemed good! The really loved how the earrings looked on me for which I will be posting a party look sometime. The packaging was damn awesome. The earrings came in a super pretty box with their brand logo and the bag also came in their branded packet. Overall I had a great experience. My next package will be arriving soon, which is a huge haul. I will be posting it soon. The actual products in this haul looked like this:

MRP – Rs. 1198/- ($ 19 approx)

Price Paid – Rs.539/- ($ 9 approx)

Rating – ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (9/10)

Verdict – Super fast delivery and superb packaging!

Available on – American Swan 


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