FashIn: The Top 5 Fashion Spring-Summer Trends you need to know!

It’s Spring time gals! A time for your wardrobe transition from the cozy woolens to the light cotton clothes to make you feel breezy and light. I love spring personally. Not just because of the lighter air, warmer breeze and longer days; its because of the colors of the bloom! But as we know in India, we never have an absolutely spring season but a spring-summer time which marks the beginning of warmer days, brighter sunshine and airiness! Hence I present to you 5 absolutely essentials in your wardrobe this spring-summer:

1. Off Shoulder Top

The best part about such tops are they are flirty, cute and can be used for summers as well! Go for pastels which are totally in this season and flirt with a tinge of skin show 😉


2. Chinos

Chinos are a girl’s favorite this season mainly due to the fact that they add color to the comfort factor. Play with contrasting colors and go for wide collection of colors from mint to brick orange to bright blue!


3. Crop Tops

These have been a craze since sometime; but this craze does not seem to die down! The fun about crop tops is the sexiness and sportiness at the same time. Play with different colors and styles; from crinkled to sporty casual ones.


4. Denim Dresses

Comeback of the Denims are the latest in the Fashion town. But instead of the plain old denim jeans, go for basic denim dresses or dungrees which are absolutely hot this season! Team a denim dress with colorful belts and funky accessories to get a whole new look. You can even rock a party with these lovelies!


5. Lace Tops

Lace are my all time fave! Laces are not just about being classic and vintage but the coolness of the fabric is what stands out in spring-summer time! Invest in one classic lace top which you can team up with a pair of shorts or denims or even crinkled skirts. Try to go for more lighter tones to help you balance out the heat.





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